– Why You Should Be Doing Algorithmic Trading?

This article elaborates on how accuracy of machines serves a miraculous purpose for High-Frequency Trading and why it is a smart move to adopt machines to take your financial decisions.

– Learn Algorithmic Trading: A Step by Step Guide

With the boom in technological advancements in trading and financial market applications, algorithmic trading and high-frequency trading is being welcomed and accepted by exchanges all over the world. Read the full blog to acquire a step by step understanding of Algorithmic Trading.

– Setting-Up an Algo Trading Desk

Domain knowledge, skilled resources, technology & infrastructure in the form of hardware and software are the basic requirements for setting up any business or start-up. This blog gives you an overview of the requirements for setting up an algorithmic trading desk or firm.

– How To Get Funding For Your Trading Strategy?

If you’re keen on getting your strategy funded by someone, you’ll need to have at least 2 year’s worth of consistent profitable track record. Read on to know the perfect roadmap to get your trading strategy funded.

– Introduction To Market Making & High-Frequency Trading Strategies

The blog offers an introduction to the basic functionalities of the market and market makers who are agents who stand ready to buy and sell securities in the financial markets. The rest of the market participants are therefore always guaranteed counterparty for their transactions. Explore the article to know more about the subject.

– What Is Market Microstructure?

Markets microstructure deals with issues of market structure and design, price formation, price discovery, transaction and timing cost, information & disclosure, and investor behavior. It is the functional setup of a market functioning under a given set of rules & deals.

– The Growth & Future Of Algorithmic Trading

Algorithmic trading is amongst the most talked about technologies in the recent years. It has given trading Firms more power in the rapidly evolving markets by eliminating human errors and changing the way Financial markets are interlinked today.

– An Algorithmic Trading Guide For Retail Traders

If you are trading a strategy which is profitable for you, you need to be able to increase the number of profitable trades to earn more. In trading, the losses and wins happen together. You come out profitable only when your wins compensate your losses enough so as to account for your efforts and costs. Algorithmic trading is a way to do the same.

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