Those who run their own business understand how important it is to apply the latest techniques to their strategies in order to keep their brand ahead in the market. If you really want to beat the competition and are ready to explore the world of new digital marketing strategies, then, start seizing the advantages of the internet and read blogs. Is there any better method to learn new marketing strategies than reading informative blogs about it? Guess not! This makes blogs a convenient yet great way for you to gain knowledge about how one can improve their business.

When you learn from the best blogs in the world, you gain ample information about new ways by which one can improvise his or her business through digital channels. There are various other benefits that you avail through reading such marketing blogs as it assists you with improving your marketing skills, keeps you updated about latest technology and tools, and also lets you connect as well as communicate with other bloggers.

If you are wondering about the best bloggers then let’s get down to knowing the top 15 digital marketing blog sites/bloggers that one should follow:

  1. Content Marketing Institute

CMI is one of the websites that covers all the topics that exist in the realm of digital marketing. They are the first to tout the utility of content marketing and thus come up with the new and best content marketing trends and techniques.

  1. QuickSprout Blog

This amazing and decently attractive site is run by one of the best webpreneur Neil Patel, who is popular for his great tactics and strategies for better online marketing. His blogs can teach you a lot about how to improvise your online presence in order to gain more business. If you don’t want to fall behind in the market then it will be very beneficiary for you to learn from the best and resourceful bloggers like him.

  1. HubSpot

Everyone who is in the marketing world is aware of the HubSpot and their incredible inbound marketing movement. They publish new blogs for both sales and marketing section on a daily basis for various readers and you will find a useful and significant stock of content to be inspired from.

  1. Buffer

If you want to improve your business profile on social networks then their blog site will be of a big help as they have experts of social media marketing that publish simple yet informative blogs and articles. They give case studies as an example explaining how good they are or where they can improve, which makes it easy for you to learn and also apply their advice to your marketing strategies.

  1. KISSmetrics

Like QuickSprout this blog is also managed by Neil Patel but what makes this a little offbeat is that their blogs focus on utilizing marketing analytics in order to improvise your business charts. You can learn a lot from their posts that are based on practices performed by top brands.

  1. SEMrush

They primarily offer tools to research competitive data but their site also offers so many posts and blogs that are dedicated to every digital marketing term such as SEO, content, PPC, and so much more. It will be very helpful for you to read their blogs as they publish new articles in order to educate people and marketers about what’s new in the industry and how they can improve their business.

  1. G2 Crowd Learn Hub

They are famous as they have more than 4 lakh active user reviews by which you can understand how helpful and resourceful their content must be. Their blogs are dedicated to vast topics that will help you with modifying your business strategy. They focus on marketing, designs, content, and various other topics that are very informative.

  1. Seth Godin Blog

If you have been into marketing for a while then you already know him as he is the guru of marketing and knows how to influence and convince people with his blogs that are simply relevant. He essentially helps people who want to increase their sales and conversions.

  1. CopyBlogger Blog

Those who simply want to work on their style of content then, he is the one to help you with improving your content marketing. He has been offering amazing advice since 2006 and one should never miss his blogs as they can assist you in modifying your online business for the better. So you can definitely boost your sales and improve your writing under his guidance.

  1. Duct tape Marketing Blog

Every small-scale business should read their blogs and articles as their steps and advice are effectively good when blended with one’s business strategy. If you want to build a successful business then they will be like the genie with magical advice and theories for your business.

  1. SocialTrigger

Their blogs and articles are not for business owners nonetheless it will be beneficiary for them to go through their blogs once as they offer their in-depth-knowledge about digital marketing and how one can establish a successful online business.

  1. Digital Marketer

They are simply brilliant when it comes to finding blogs about content marketing, copywriting, and social media. They have various ways and methods by which one can build a successful online presence.

  1. Social Media Explorer

Those who want to focus on their social media marketing then, this site is the right place for them. SME not only focuses on social media tactics but also covers all the topics that are relevant to digital marketing and other technology like AR, virtual reality, and also the influencer marketing.

  1. MOZ

SEO being the mother of digital marketing strategies, plays a vital role in improving your business charts. MOZ publishes new blogs where one can learn about the trends and techniques to build a good and successful business profile online.

  1. CopyHackers

Content marketing is the most important when it comes to successful marketing and thus this site will be very helpful for you to learn how to write in a persuasive way that you can get great conversions across the world of web.

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