Bringing in new employees is often a milestone for most companies. And this is not really surprising. If current employees are overwhelmed with tasks or the free accounting software is no longer working as expected, bringing in help in the form of new employees is always a welcome treat.

When looking to hire new people, it’s important that you take a few key things into account to ensure you are able to pick the right people. The following tips should help get your search for the consummate new hire off to a spectacular start:

Create a clear job description

Analyse the job you want to fill so you’ll know what to specifically look for in a new hire. When you perform a job analysis, you’ll gain a crystal clear insight about the tasks, responsibilities, skills, and even personality traits you are looking for.

A job analysis is also important so you’ll be able to craft a clear-cut job description for the employee you are looking to hire. In addition, performing a job analysis will also allow you to have a robust and effective strategy prior to starting the hiring process.

Don’t forego the background check

 If you wish to hire only the best people to join your team, checking the applicant’s credentials and getting in touch with their character references are key steps you can’t afford to miss.

Sure, reviewing resumes, cover letter, email applications, and recommendation letters can be very overwhelming. However, it’s a component that needs to be done as thoroughly and meticulously as possible if you want to shortlist the best possible people.

In addition, it would also be a good idea to prepare a checklist  of skills, experience, and characteristics you are looking for in a future employee. Apart from doing thorough background and reference checks, you need to also check if the prospect meets all (if not majority) of the requirements you have identified.

Prescreen shortlisted candidates

Help your human resource department save significant time and effort by ensuring they prescreen applicants accordingly. While there is no shortage of ways to prescreen prospective job applicants, one of the best ways would be to invite the applicants over for an interview. If more convenient, you can also just go over the prescreening interview over the phone.

Interviewing an applicant will also give you a better insight into the mind, character, and work ethic of your applicant. This will also make it a lot easier for you to gauge if they are indeed the people you are looking for.

In addition, prescreen interviews will also give applicants the opportunity to ask relevant questions about the company like work and salary expectations and the kind of work environment the company has.


Regardless of what it is that you are looking for, be it the right employee or a free accounting software for your company, it is important that you do proper and thorough research so you can end up with the option that will best suit your company’s needs.

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