Android Phones doesn’t come with instructions manuals and learning how to use phone quickly is the big task. Many Android phones have different ways of taking a screenshot in their devices for saving or sharing. Some of the devices have specific functions to take the screenshot and few of them depend on the apps present in the Play Store. Sometimes it can be a bit tough to search for options in the phone, which is an ideal approach for Android devices. So to make this clear, try to follow the steps mentioned below for how to take a screenshot on Samsung phone.

Use the Android Screenshot Shortcut

Nowadays, capturing a screenshot is an easy method in android devices. Press and hold on to the Power+Volume button for few seconds and you can see a short onscreen movement observed with a confirmation in the notification bar that screenshot is achieved successfully. So to this happen timings should be perfect. If you try to press the power button soon and your device will be locked and if you also press the volume button very soon then you will end changing the volume. You should make sure that both the buttons should be pressed absolutely correct then that time screenshot can happen.

Use Manufacturer Shortcuts

Many Android phones don’t use normal methods. For instance, how to take a screenshot on Samsung phone then the phone requires pressing and holding on to Power+ Volume buttons to take a screenshot. But the process will be the same. The phone will display the screenshot image captured and show in the gallery application. So other phones also have standard methods with add-up options. For some Instance, Android phones like Sony mobile phone can press the power button to access the options menu-bar. From there on, you can take a screenshot.

Root Your Android Devices

Older version of Android phones did not permit applications to take a screenshot without rooting. This was a secured featured design to save devices from malicious downloads from spying on the phones and robbing the phone information. Nevertheless, rooting the Android phones can release to possibilities of the screenshot. Even there maybe be applications present in the play store just to take a screenshot for the older devices which don’t have screenshot taking in their phone.

Use Third-Party Apps

Try looking for good third-party application options. The basic function in this is the same as previous power+volume steps, but this can have some add-up features that are not available. So when looking for some good applications then that time screenshot can be used. This application has nice features like capturing shots by using a screen overlay button, which shows in the notification bar by just shaking the device. There may be other options in this application like cropping the screenshots, converting them to Zip file and editing the colors, time. This helps to save either in PNG or JPG format. Even this has got screen recording and other supports for taking the screenshots.

So these are the methods need to be followed while taking the screenshots. Hope that I have covered all bases in my article for how to take a screenshot on Samsung phone and try looking at best possible ways to capture the screenshots.

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